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Super Choice Dinners

     Dinner For One (A) - $13.95                or                  Dinner For One (B) - $13.95 
     - Spring Roll      - Egg Roll
     - Deep Fried Shrimp      - Deep Fried Chicken Balls
     - Sweet and Sour Ribs      - Dry Garlic Ribs
     - Beef and Mixed Greens      - Beef and Mixed Greens
     - Chicken Fried Rice      - Chicken Fried Rice

    Deluxe Dinner for Two - $34.95
    - Combination Appetizers (Spring Rolls, Deep Fried Wontons, Dry Ribs, Sweet and Sour Sauce)
    - Szechuan Beef
    - Beef and Mixed Greens
    - Honey Garlic Pork
    - Special Fried Rice
    $14.50 / Extra Person. No Substitutions

    The following combos include spring rolls and sauce
     (Add $13.00 for each extra person)

    Dinner For Two (Small)        

Choose Any 4 Items


    Dinner For Three (Reg)

Choose Any 4 Items


    Dinner For Four

Choose Any 5 Items


    Dinner For Five

Choose Any 6 Items


    Dinner For Six

Choose Any 7 Items


    Dinner For Seven

Choose Any 8 Items


    Dinner For Eight

Choose Any 9 Items


              C01. Deep Fried Wontons                C19. Special Foo Yong
C02. Deep Fried Shrimp C20. Diced Chicken with Almonds
C03. Chicken Fried Rice C21. Szechuan Ribs (Spicy)
C04. BBQ Pork Fried Rice C22. Sweet and Sour Beef
C05. Chicken Chop Suey C23. Lemon Chicken (Battered)
C06. Chicken Chow Mein C24. Szechuan Chicken (Spicy)
C07. Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls C25. Kung Po Chicken (Spicy)
C08. Sweet and Sour Pork C26. Shanghai Noodles
C09. Beef and Mixed Greens C27. Shrimp and Pea Pods
C10. Sweet and Sour Ribs C28. Assorted Meat and Mixed Greens
C11. Beef and Broccoli C29. Garlic Shrimp
C12. Szechuan Beef (Spicy) C30. Seafood with Vegetables
C13. Beef and Chinese Greens C31. BBQ Pork and Broccoli
C14. Dry Garlic Ribs C32. Honey Garlic Chicken
C15. Singapore Noodles (Spicy) C33. Salt and Pepper Pork
C16. Honey Garlic Ribs C34. Chicken and Broccoli
C17. Honey Garlic Pork C35. Beef and Pea Pods
C18. Cantonese Chow Mein C36. Stir Fried Vegetables
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